Writing email for job position

Hi my name is Peggy and I am an amateur writer and have a couple of poetry books that are self-published and I was thinking about getting into freelance writing. because I need to bring in some extra money to help get me and my husband get caught up on our bills and stuff from when Southeast Louisiana got flooded last August on the 13th in 2016 so if you have any suggestions for me or tips to get me started that would be great. Plus I wanna work at home and be able to set my own schedule because my husband is going to be having surgery soon because he has Barretts Esophogitis (A condition of the throat) So maybe you can email me when you can.

Dear Lynn,
I went through your article about salutation. I have some specific questions:
I work for a project with a group of people; some of them are junior to me while some of them are senior. We daily interact with each other thru email, a very common situation any employed person faces.
1. How do I open a formal email when writing to my colleague? After reading your article I understand that there are many ways to begin a formal letter, but which one suits best for the situation I mentioned above?
2. There is a culture in the group to start formal email with person’s name with a comma (eg. Tom,). Isn’t that a bit rude way to start a formal email? What salutation should I use while replying to such a mail (from junior and from superior)?
Any answers to these questions will really be helpful.

Writing email for job position

writing email for job position


writing email for job positionwriting email for job positionwriting email for job positionwriting email for job position