The wave morton rhue essay

It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, which appears to be the case for Ben Ross. Aside from overall student enthusiasm, one huge reason as to why the Wave lasted as long as it did was because Ben Ross felt like he was being respected for the first time. He loved how eager his students were to learn his material, but mostly he was in love with the power that came with their respect. And according to Ben, "it's amazing how much more they like you when you make decisions for them". [1] It is through the Wave that Ben is enlarging his own ego while crushing his students' individuality to make them function like a single unit.

This work of Morton Rhue shows in a sarcastic but also realistic way how easily a group can be influenced. The change from a normal class to 'organised troops' was executed in only a few days. The dramatic part is that all what is described in the book already happened several years before World War II. when Hitler took the power over Germany. It is an interesting fact that everything started as a little game to show how something like Nazi Germany could have happened. But the experiment was surely not for the students to become little Nazis. Laura just cannot understand that something as silly and dump as "The Wave" could have made David break up with her. As a member of the community, he has to obey there is no other possibility for him. If he doesn't, he will be expelled from the organisation.

The wave morton rhue essay

the wave morton rhue essay


the wave morton rhue essaythe wave morton rhue essaythe wave morton rhue essaythe wave morton rhue essay