The dangers of online dating essays

Giesler thinks there’s also a sociological component at play here, and Whitney M. Phillips, co-author of the forthcoming book “ The Ambivalent Internet ,” agrees. “I’m certainly not apologizing for these kids — they knew full well what they were doing,” she says. Phillips believes they understood the melding of on- and off-line existence, “but what can override that is performing for a like-minded audience. They all want other people to think they can hang — that they’re cool, they get it, they’re in on the joke. It’s a pro-social impulse. They’re just not thinking about any moment beyond this particular performance.”

If I'd followed that line of approach I'd be dead by now.
It is very true that one has to be cautious
It takes years of true learning, reading & research to take ones life and well being back into one's own hands.
I started early with several of my friends studying medicine already in the late 70s while I studied Engineering. That saved my life.
In 2005 I got sick. Very sick.
I was diagnosed with one of the many auto-immune syndromes and found out quickly that I got about 8 years according to 'proven' modern medicine.
By 2013 my unrelenting effort to find out paid off. I found the first true answers that started to turn my health away from a horrid state.
In 2014, only weeks ago I was bitten by one of the ten most venomous snakes on the planet. Antivenin in the hospital saved probably my life. I knew too from doctors there what was to come. A horrid auto-immune response that left their last snake bite victim crippled. I was out in 2 days. Weeks of severe pain followed. I was scared like never before. I used what I knew to work and researched some more. A lot actually and a whole network of expert friends too. None have medical degrees - but nearly all are true experts in their field. Today I walk - nearly pain free, slightly swollen feet, - trend : receding. Hard work always pays off one day. . . and the hardest thing is to learn and to accept truth as what it is.

The dangers of online dating essays

the dangers of online dating essays


the dangers of online dating essaysthe dangers of online dating essaysthe dangers of online dating essaysthe dangers of online dating essays