The centaur poem essay

Jerome's version of the Life of St Anthony the Great , the hermit monk of Egypt, written by Athanasius of Alexandria , was widely disseminated in the Middle Ages; it relates Anthony's encounter with a centaur, who challenged the saint but was forced to admit that the old gods had been overthrown. The episode was often depicted; in The Meeting of St Anthony Abbot and St Paul the Hermit by Stefano di Giovanni called "Sassetta" , [28] of two episodic depictions in a single panel of the hermit Anthony 's travel to greet the hermit Paul, one is his encounter along the pathway with the demonic figure of a centaur in a wood.

[184] Meanwhile the thronging Minyae, admonished by the command of their leader, put their shoulders to the vessel, and bending forwards with straining knees run down into the water. Then rose the sailors’ cry as they panted, and the sound of Orpheus’ soothing lyre. Next in joy they pile altars; chiefly unto thee, lord of the waters, is reverence paid, unto thee, unto the West Winds and unto Glaucus upon the shore Ancaeus sacrifices an ox decked with dark blue filets, unto Thetis a heifer. None more sure than he at cleaving the fat necks with the deadly axe.

The centaur poem essay

the centaur poem essay


the centaur poem essaythe centaur poem essaythe centaur poem essaythe centaur poem essay