The art of loving erich fromm essay

Fire and Light. The entire progress of humanity is concentrated upon this all-penetrating and omnipresent element. If properly evoked it will be realized and lawfully applied; otherwise it will burn the consequences of ignorance. In this search for the synthesis of knowledge once more the excrescences of the East and West, North and South will be erased. Everywhere we shall find the very same “subtle pain of the cognizing heart,” “the very same attainment by the innermost heart exertion,” the “same exaltation of spirit.” And together with the Apostle we shall say, “it is better to say five words from the depths of the heart, than a torrent of words with the tongue.” Let us not leave the real values in abstraction, but let us unhesitatingly apply them without prejudice. The transferring of reality into abstraction is one of the most deplorable crimes against culture. There are many who still do not distinguish between civilization and culture, and thus they are committing the values of culture into misty un-attainability. How much of that which is predestined has already been rejected by fear and hypocrisy? But sooner or later one must be cured of fear; it is necessary to liberate the enormous amount of energy usually dissipated in fear, irritation, lying and treason. Let us hasten to affix our radiant emanations on a film—thus we shall obtain the true passport of spirit. Agni Yoga says: “The darkness shrieks, deafening in its regularity. Darkness cannot withstand the daring of light.”

Fromm calls the general idea of love in contemporary Western society égoïsme à deux – a relationship in which each person is entirely focused on the other, to the detriment of other people around them. The current belief is that a couple should be a well-assorted team, sexually and functionally, working towards a common aim. This is in contrast with Fromm's description of true love and intimacy, which involves willful commitment directed toward a single unique individual. One cannot truly love another person if one does not love all of mankind including oneself.

The art of loving erich fromm essay

the art of loving erich fromm essay


the art of loving erich fromm essaythe art of loving erich fromm essaythe art of loving erich fromm essaythe art of loving erich fromm essay