Osmosis investigation coursework

Our flagship brand, Pure Water has been in existence for nearly half a century. We started in Nebraska when the brand founder developed and patented the first stainless steel household water distiller. Today the Pure Water brand ranges from a small countertop water distillers to large energy-efficient commercial systems. We also handle custom jobs and have networked supplied 300 unit apartment complexes with pure distilled water delivered to the sink and refrigerator in every single apartment. Over the years we have continually improved the designs of the units. Today virtually all Pure Water units have been redesigned to eliminate the very hot surface still common in some distillers on the market today. The larger systems are generally sold through local dealers, who can make sure the installation is done correctly and who can provide service.

Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration of the sugar solution the lower the final weight of the potato chips. I have predicted this because water will pass out of the potato chip into the sugar solution. This happens because the sugar solution has a lower water concentration than the potato chips therefore the chips will lose water to make the water concentration even either side of the membrane. Therefore a sugar concentration of will give the largest decrease in mass, compared to weaker sugar solutions. This is because the concentration gradient is greater meaning more water will have to pass out of the potatoes for equalization compared to weaker sugar solutions. I can also predict that the weakest sugar solutions will give the least decrease in potato mass, this is because there is a smaller concentration gradient therefore less water will have to leave the potatoes to equalise the two regions. the and the distilled water will give the largest increase in mass. In distilled water I think that the potato chips will swell because water enters their cells by osmosis. My reasons for this can be seen in osmosis when water diffuses into the cell from a weaker solution (high water concentration) into the stronger solution (low water concentration). This means that because the potato chips are full of starch they will absorb water when put into the distilled water, as this is the weaker solution with a high concentration. Taking this into account I predict that the graph will look similar to the one below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Products (PPCPs) found in our nation's drinking water has been in the news lately. According to findings of the European Union's POSEIDON project , "activated carbon is a powerful process to remove PPCPs. Only a limited number of PPCPs, such as iodinated contrast media and the antibiotic, sulfamethoxazole show insufficient affinity to activated carbon."  Our filters and reverse osmosis systems use the highest grade coconut shell activated carbon which has the best chemical adsorption rates.

Osmosis investigation coursework

osmosis investigation coursework


osmosis investigation courseworkosmosis investigation courseworkosmosis investigation courseworkosmosis investigation coursework