Nora helmer essay

Nora was treated not like a human by her husband rather she is fooled by using child- talk and an endearing expression. He addresses her like a pet and he uses the word pet many times. For him she is a little sky-lark or a frisking squirrel. All the household rules are laid down by him. He suggests her not to be spendthrift; he forbids her eating macaroons and he is against borrowing money. It seems as if Nora has no desires and wishes. By pointing at Nora's father's weaknesses and also those of Krogstad's, he seems to be a strict moralist. He had formed a dominant psychology on Nora therefore she trembles even to think of the forgery before him. She is afraid of poisoning her children. But Nora had always shown her fidelity and devotion towards her husband. She respected and loved him so much that she even borrowed money secretly for the treatment of her husband and pretended that her father had given it to her. She was proud to save his life, but she didn't know the law would find her guilty. She did all this out of love and devotion and innocently. On the other hand, she was not in line love for Helmer. She believed in Helmer's love for her too. When Krogstad threatens her with the possibility of being guilty of forgery, she trembled with fear that Helmer would take the whole guilt upon himself and he would risk his life to save her but all that went wrong. When came to know about forgery, instead of sympathizing with Nora, he became very furious at what she did and held her responsible for her own dream. At this Nora suddenly realize that her husband was selfish and she had to confront danger alone when a situation occurred.

Somеtimеs, charactеrs in a novеl or play go through a grеat dynamic changе only to find thеir truе sеlf and to rеmovе thе fraudulеnt pеrcеption of thеmsеlvеs in thе еyеs of othеrs. Such a changе lеads thе charactеr to bеcomе fully awarе of thеir lifе as wеll as finally undеrstand what a hypocritical lifе thеy havе mistakеnly lеd. At thе bеginning of Hеnrik Ibsеn’s A Doll’s Housе, Nora Hеlmеr is shown as a childish and naïvе housеwifе with a knack for spеnding monеy. This opinion is transfеrrеd mostly through Nora’s “parеnt – child” dialoguе with hеr husband, Torvald. Need essay sample on "Analysis of Nora Helmer – A dolls House" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Rather than being the spendthrift that both Torvald and Christine accuse her of, Nora's actually pretty dang thrifty. She's been secretly working odd jobs and even skimming money from her allowance to pay back the debt. Later on we learn that Nora was so determined to save her husband that she committed fraud to do so. This choice shows that Nora is both daring and tenacious. She values love over the law. When her secret is revealed we know that, beneath the ditzy character she plays for her husband, there's a whole other (highly competent) Nora waiting to come out. 

Nora helmer essay

nora helmer essay


nora helmer essaynora helmer essaynora helmer essaynora helmer essay