How do you write a book report

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4. Do you try to read other books by the same author?
Sometimes that can be REALLY useful!
5. What if you really don't like the book at all?
Ask yourself why you're reviewing it. I get to review books for the Guardian in a variety of different ways. For example, I might be asked by the paper if I'd like to review a particular book, or I might have read an advance copy of a book sent to me by a publisher which I'd then ask the paper if I could review.
In the case of a book I want to review, it's going to be what I consider a good one, which appeals to me. In the case of the paper asking me, I might say, "I'm not a big fan of their writing," for example. "How about something else?" Such a small amount of space is given over to reviewing children's books in newspapers - which is why this website, and those like it, are such a FABULOUS idea - why waste what little space you do have with dissing a book you don't like, when you could be reviewing one you'd like people to rush out and try for themselves.
That's not to say that all parts of all of my reviews are nice, nice, nice. I might say that I really enjoyed the plot but that not all the characters were believable, for example, Or that the dialogue was a bit creaky in places...
6. What must you include, if anything? The age group?
Honest opinions. Don't write what you think you should write about a book. Write what you really think and feel.
Have fun!

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How do you write a book report

how do you write a book report


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