Graduate program application essay

"A Graduate Program is probably the best opportunity that can occur to a young, ambitious and willing graduate worker . Auchan allowed me not only to take part to the first AGP but also have colleagues from several different countries that is a remarkable peculiarity.

When I’ve been asked where I wanted to carry out my project abroad I expressed the desire to see a reality outside the EU. I wanted to experience an international challenge and learn how to work with people from different cultures. What to say? Here I am!!!

Since the beginning of September I have been in Moscow working on my project regarding the supply chain. The aim of this project is not only to develop a new Transport Management System in Russia but also spread the know-how among the East European countries . This means to enhance significantly my knowledge in the supply chain field, but also have the possibility to develop an important cross country network. Today more than ever I can see that Schein’s words are truthful “Most of my important lessons about life have come from recognizing how others from a different culture view things.” 
Once I arrived in Russia, all my colleagues welcomed me, providing all the information and the support that I needed in order to start my stay in the best way. Moscow is an outstanding city; there are no words to explain the breathtaking beauty of Red Square or the elegance and charm of the city center.

Auchan Graduate Program for me represents an extraordinary work experience as well as a lifetime opportunity!"

Graduate program application essay

graduate program application essay


graduate program application essaygraduate program application essaygraduate program application essaygraduate program application essay