Essays on elvis presley

The final week in Elvis' life was memorable only because it was the final week. Elvis saw friends occasionally or talked on the telephone when they called. He played racquetball in the court behind his house. He watched gospel shows on television. He talked about the tour that was to begin on June 17th in Maine. Ginger Alden [his last girlfriend] said they continued to make wedding plans, claiming that he was going to make an announcement at a concert in Memphis at the end of the tour. He read his Bible and his numbers book. He ate his cheeseburgers and took his pills.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Jonathan Zimmerman, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education , says “the mostly left-wing quest for cultural purity bears an eerie echo to the right-wing fantasy of national purity, which peaked during the so-called 100-percent-American campaigns of the early 20th century.” Of Chuck Berry, Zimmerman writes: “His first big hit, ‘Maybellene,’ adapted an old melody that had been recorded by country-music performers like Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. Berry combined the ‘hillbilly’ sound of white country with the African-American rhythm and blues that he imbibed in his native St. Louis.” For this, he was heckled in Harlem.

Essays on elvis presley

essays on elvis presley


essays on elvis presleyessays on elvis presleyessays on elvis presleyessays on elvis presley