Essays on bohr model

#4) The Bohr Model is a model of the hydrogen atom. A hydrogen atom contains one proton and one electron, making it the simplest of all elements. The spectral lines in a single atom such as hydrogen seen at visible wavelengths are called Balmer Lines. The Bohr model was named after Niels Bohr, who was a Danish physicist Bohr's goal was to explain the structure of the hydrogen atom, which previously could not be explained. ... When the atoms of an element are heated (hydrogen in the case of the Bohr model), they gain energy, which causes some of their electrons to jump to higher ener...

At the atomic-scale the world can look outlandish to anyone hoping to interpret it according to the laws of ‘common sense’ or indeed the rules of classical physics. It is a world where something we normally think of as a wave, such as light for example, can behave like a particle. Or something we normally think of as a particle, such as an electron, can behave like a wave. A single neutron might appear to be in two places simultaneously, as much as a few centimeters apart. It is a world where a cat can be thought of as both alive and dead (or in some intermediate state) at the same time.

Essays on bohr model

essays on bohr model


essays on bohr modelessays on bohr modelessays on bohr modelessays on bohr model