Essay on respecting property

        The law can be a source of significant societal change and growth.   We have seen this countless times in our history, from abolishing the “separate but equal” doctrine, to providing suffrage for all and many other instances.   But as indicated, the law exists because we all agree the law shall exist and that agreement has to be based on something more than merely personal convenience or individual whims.   We have to be willing to accept laws that may be inconvenient for us on a personal level because we see how the law can benefit us on a collective level.  “A rising tide,” it is said, “raises all boats.”

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To take part, you will need to:
• Be a student from Std VIII to Std X in India or a student from Std XI and Std XII, irrelevant of nationality
• Want to present equality, acceptance of diversity
• Believe in the values and ideals of equality , non-discrimination and  convergence of diversity
• Like working as a team with your friends
• Create a group of 2 – 5 members with your classmates
• Pick a subject and present it in an interesting way
• Choose one of the following fields: Recognizing diversity, Equality of opportunity, Social inclusion, Conflict resolution, non-discrimination
• You can create the video , presentation (in Microsoft PowerPoint,Open Office format) , skit,  painting,  song,  poetry, essay etc.

Essay on respecting property

essay on respecting property


essay on respecting propertyessay on respecting propertyessay on respecting propertyessay on respecting property