English is important essay

ECS Scotland has been providing Business English courses for international students in Edinburgh for almost 20 years. Since we began, much has changed in the way that business people work and communicate with each other.  However, what remains the same is our commitment to providing first rate tuition for clients throughout the year, in a variety of formats and levels. Our fully qualified teachers have extensive experience of teaching business professionals from all over the world and are happy to create bespoke learning programs for each individual.  Many teachers come from a professional background and also have working experience in business.

Our government should improve set-up of educational system. Makes our society social English-speaking. Advantage of this great step is, We can lead other developed countries. We also can influence in world situation. Our government try to reduce the difference between Urdu and English. Medium institutions makes English as a compulsory subject and other subject conduct in English. Urdu also is an important language, it shows the good manners and attractive culture to others but for the country progress or stand with other countries, We should have strong grip on English.

English is important essay

english is important essay


english is important essayenglish is important essayenglish is important essayenglish is important essay