Embarrassing incident my life essay

In the skies above Houston, Texas, one pilot for Southwest Airlines decided to unleash their inner Howard Beale and rant about how unattractive flight attendants from Chicago and Houston are. For those interested in specifics: "It was just a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes" in Chicago, while Houston only has "(expletive) old dudes and grannies and there's like maybe a handful of cute chicks." This is, of course, between bouts of hoping that the mythical sexual allure of being a pilot will eventually overpower his terrible personality.

10. “Ugh, well this wasn’t exactly during sex—but about my dad finding out I had sex and wasn’t a virgin. My boyfriend and I decided to try out the whole sex on the dryer thing. It was anticlimactic and we eventually headed up to my bedroom. The next day my dad said he wanted to talk to me about something and to go get my laundry. I walked downstairs and found my yoga pants neatly folded with the condom wrapper on top. When I walked back upstairs, my dad said he was happy I was using protection, but my boyfriend was unworthy.” - Tara M. 

Being the unwanted center of attention is not a fun experience, especially if you did something that makes you feel embarrassed. Even being around someone who is embarrassed can be uncomfortable. You may feel hot, sweaty, and like hiding or curling up into the fetal position. Luckily there are better ways to deal with embarrassment than that. Keep in mind that showing embarrassment after a transgression actually makes you look sincerely apologetic and trustworthy. So, amidst all the awkwardness, embarrassment isn't all bad but serves important social functions. [1] [2]

Embarrassing incident my life essay

embarrassing incident my life essay


embarrassing incident my life essayembarrassing incident my life essayembarrassing incident my life essayembarrassing incident my life essay