Black robe movie essay

After a press conference on the Iran-contra affair, Joe Madison, the radio talk show host and activist; Dick Gregory; the Rev. Joseph Lowery of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and others strapped yellow crime tape around the front of the building. They were arrested for their act of civil disobedience shorty after kneeling in prayer. According to Dick Gregory, the prayer went, “In the name of all the people destroyed by drugs, we don’t want to believe that our government would engage in activities that are detrimental to the American people.” — G. Theodore Catherine

I was also not much disturbed by the movie's pre-digested history (how many people, even after seeing this movie, could correctly report that the French and Indian Wars were not between the French and the Indians?). We live in an age of pop images, in which these are the parts that get remembered: Hawkeye, a white man, adopted by Indians, standing between the two civilizations at a time when the Indians were richer and more powerful than the settlers; his decision to escort the British officer's daughter and her sister to the fort where their father awaits them; their adventures along the way, leading to death, bloodshed, and a stirring final shot of the couple gazing out toward the horizon -- toward all those millions of unspoiled square miles to be turned into shopping malls by the issue of their loins.

Black robe movie essay

black robe movie essay


black robe movie essayblack robe movie essayblack robe movie essayblack robe movie essay